The Last Frontier

Yep, escaping Florida’s heat for a week or so and headed to the “Land of the Midnight Sun” with the family. If you’re reading this on Wednesday, we’re likely on a flight somewhere over the US headed to Seattle (with a side trip to Mount Rainier), before we hop on the cruise ship to Alaska.


Now, I don’t love cruise vacations as much as K.C. & Lilly do, but I’ll do this one as a first timer to AK… do all the touristy stuff… likely not fish at all… in the interest of spending quality time with the family (and let’s not lie, get the lay of the land for future visits, rod in hand).

I’m going to try and crank out a few blog posts here and there, but if by chance you want to see random photos, I’ll probably be hitting up Instagram often – @troutrageous1

Pretty psyched, I’ve been watching Alaska videos on Vimeo all night. This was one of my favorites, but definitely not for the “fish porn”:


  1. MichaelYou and the family are making the cruise trip that my wife and I are hoping to make in a few years. Of all the cruises one can take the Alaska cruise is the best. Stay safe and share some images along the way————by the way the video was a booster for sure!!! Thanks for sharing


  2. Totally enjoyable sans fishing. Amazing scenery and history. Depending on where you stop, some good beer as well. But you can watch fish, kings should be running in streams and rivers; there's a creek right off the cruise ship dock in Skagway and Steep Creek north of Juneau (and if you're visiting Mendenhall Glaicer, might be in the creeks near it).


  3. I thought that video was pretty interesting, a different slant from young guys slaying steelhead and salmon. I'll definitely share some images, no problem!


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