Listen Here: Dylan Tomine on "Anchored with April Vokey"

Was catching up on some podcasts this week, and found that I really enjoyed the July 14th episode of “Anchored with April Vokey” featuring Dylan Tomine. It’s a bit of a meandering interview, but the backbone of the talk happens to center around Steelhead hatcheries, and what long term impact stockings have on the fish populations of the Pacific Northwest.

Image: Wild Steelhead Coalition
As somebody living in Florida I have little to no first-hand exposure to the decline of the salmon & steelhead runs in that part of the country. However, after recently visiting a hatchery as a “tourist” in Oregon last month, it’s now easy to see the pro & anti-stocking arguments from both sides. The science cited by Mr. Tomine definitely makes for a timely and eye-opening (or perhaps better put, ear-opening) listen.¬†

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