A Rare Family Fishing Outing

I’m a fishing dork nut.  

Lilly is lukewarm on the topic of going fishing.  We’ve done it a few times, but it’s clearly not her favorite thing to do.  As a “fishing dad”, I’m okay with that.  If she prefers karate to casting, cool by me.

My wife K.C. will sometimes play along, but refuses to touch fish and generally doesn’t like things – like bugs – that come along with being outdoors.

So was I pleasantly surprised when I asked Lilly on Saturday if she wanted to go down to the pond and try to catch some fish?…you bet.  And was I startled when my wife said she’d come along too? (More so to play with her fancy camera than fish…but whatever)  Holy crap yes!

We lasted a little over an hour…which is pretty good in my book.  The weather was nice.  We caught fish.  We took pictures.  All was good.  We left happy.  Will we go again?  Beats me, but at least I got Lilly to put down her Nintendo 3DS for more than 5 minutes…and was able to coax some smiles out in the process.

(All pictures taken by the wife)


  1. Perhaps a rare outing, but, sure a priceless one if you ask me. Those pictures are the memory makers that will last you and your family forever.


  2. She had that net on her head most of the day…when she didn't have rocks in it. As such, never had a chance to use on the fish!


  3. Thanks TRFP (is this my buddy Mel?) – definitely some good memories captured there. Lilly already asked me to print out some on the computer so she could bring them to school.


  4. Yes, it is Michael, you can't escape The Real Fish Posse! Just starting another new fishing blog with some of the old Blog Cabin Angler flavor. How about a link up?


  5. MichaelI love it when I see Dads carrying their children fishing–I made so many trips with my kids over the years, they are memories we will never forget–thanks for sharing a great post!


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