Redington – New To Fly?

A representative from Redington sent me an email yesterday, if you write a fly fishing blog, you may have received it too…that’s typically how these things work.  Anyway, they are quite proud of the “New To Fly” section of their website and asked me to pimp it a bit.  So I figured why not?…it actually is quite cool.

Redington Fly Fishing New To Fly
BAM!  Everything in a convenient dashboard

So what will you find?  A little bit of everything.  From Flies 101, to tips on spotting fish, to a ton of different videos that show different casting techniques, this is about as comprehensive (& easy to understand) resource for beginning fly fisherfolk since the Curtis Creek Manifesto.  Heck, even if you’re a grizzled, fly fishing veteran, it’s still fun to click around for a bit…and I’ll bet you’ll learn something new.

Got some time to kill today…give it a try.  It’s pretty slick.

Redington didn’t give me anything to post this.  A PR person representing one of their sister companies sent me a boot bag once upon a time, but that’s it.  I’ve written posts about that item already, so I no longer consider myself indebted.  I simply posted this on their behalf because I’m rad, and I think the interactive tools are cool.


  1. If this really is the coolest thing since the Curtis Creek Manifesto, then I'll have to check it out. I was just thinking about that book the other day. I hadn't seen anyone mention it lately… and then here it is.


  2. MichaelAwesome stuff—I am a big fan of Redington products, especially their fly rods and their reels. I own four of their fly rods and two of their Drift reels, which are some of the lightness tackle I have ever put in my hands. I did a post on light fly rods last year on my blog and found that Redington has the lightness fly rods in their price range of any brand. I also did another post on their Drift reels and have they produced the lightness fly reels on the market. Needless to say they are quality products at an affordable price. Thanks for sharing


  3. It's really weird how fast these companies copy each other. Just two weeks ago a friend sent me an email about Cabela's Fly Fishing University. Basically the same exact thing Redington is doing. I guess one figures they can do it better than another. Kind of like Orvis coming out with a “casting practice rod.” That sound familiar?


  4. I will definitely be checking out this site after work, and I will be purchasing their Crosswater 590-4 5wt rod. I have been looking for a nice starter rod for a while and didn't want to break the bank. This will do it. Thanks for the tip.


  5. The more companies do this the better. I remember starting out and cruising the web for fly fishing 101 information. Lots of good stuff out there and it just got better with Redington's page. Thanks for sharing.


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