Happy Thanksgiving & Tight Loops!

 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there! If you’re like me, you’re likely looking forward to turkey (or the sides and desserts) later today, perhaps a parade, dog show, or football. Working in e-commerce, I don’t get much of a holiday break (Black Friday & Cyber Monday are afoot) but on Thanksgiving, it’s about food, family, friends, and maybe a little fly fishing (perhaps not necessarily in that order). 

2019 Cracker Barrel tasted better than it looked… LOL!

If you’re like me and you want to scratch a little fishing itch today, even if you can’t get outside, I’d highly recommend pulling up YouTube on your favorite streaming device and giving the first 3 episodes of For Wild’s Sake, a series of videos on preserving and pursuing native, wild trout species and the environments in which they live. 

I’ve highlighted the Tight Loops crew here before, but in my opinion there are few folks in the fishing space making better videos these days. This isn’t fish porn (particularly the 1st and 3rd installment), this is education, enrichment, and environmentalism. I’m a big fan, and I’m sure you’ll become one too.


  1. MichaelLooks like you guys had a nice Thanksgiving—-Thanksgiving is the only time of year I pig out—got to get back in thew gym —thanks for sharing


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