Make Spin Fishing Great Again

So this popped up in my inbox yesterday…and if you happen to be on Gander Mountain’s email list, it probably did in yours as well…

Okay, let’s digest this bit of epic awesomeness, one piece at a time.

Stars and stripes paint job…

Built in bottle opener…

And it’s named #MERICA. 
F#ck you ISIS.

Now it’s probably not made in America, but that shouldn’t ruin our exercise in sporting goods jingoism. Somehow I think Sage’s new $900 X fly rod comes up just a little bit short in pretty much every single comparable.

If you want to try your luck on Gander Mountain’s website to battle the war on bass, terrorism, and sobriety all in one cast, please note that it’s on backorder online, but available for in-store pickup.

I so need one of these…who wants to run down to the St. Augustine store for me?


  1. I wasn't sold until the bottle opener thing. Who cares if it has 0 ball bearings and casts like crap!? ( I don't know that it does, I'm just gonna take a wild guess.) 🙂 Maybe it actually has two ball bearings? ???


  2. Reading this, I can not help but think of the greatest movie in American cinema history. You know it… Team America: World Police. The best “song” in the movie had a chorus, which your post screamed back to me: “America, **** Yeah”. Ok, in all seriousness, that's a pretty slick looking spinning kit. Regardless, I still cant help but think of that movie as I read your post :)Will


  3. This is exceptional. I'm wondering if they offer it in a Confederate Flag version as well? Perhaps considered tasteless elsewhere, I think it would be well received in the South.


  4. Very patriotic. A little cheap R&R can catch a bunch of fish. Case in point, my little Okuma ($19.95 at Big 5), that is until it croaked, but hey, that was years later.


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