Exploring Florida – Kennedy Space Center & Ft. Walton Beach

It’s been a fast & furious past four days…

Was lucky enough to play hooky from work on Thursday & Friday to make for a long weekend, which was also the start of Lilly’s spring break.

However, before the kids got off from school, they had their “big” class trip of the year to Kennedy Space Center which is about 2 hours south of Jacksonville. I volunteered to chaperone, and totally geeked out big time and turned into a 9 year old again instantly. I mean a real freakin’ space shuttle!

After that we headed across the Florida panhandle as a family for a few days. I brought the fly rod, but didn’t end up fishing at all. We were busy. Spent some time at the beach, then the “Gulfarium” (where the sea lion show is a can’t miss), and finally watching the wife’s roller derby team beat down the locals (the reason why we headed 5ish hours west in the first place)…

Man, what a weekend. Absoultely no fishing…so much driving…but so much fun. 

Maybe I can play hooky from work tomorrow too…


  1. That's what it is all about! Family time which the chance of fly fishing! Awesome post thanks for sharing and sounds like you guys had an amazing time! Nice pics!


  2. Hey Mike, we're all kids at heart when we go someplace like the Space Center. When you have one Lilly's age, being young at heart becomes twice as bad. Great pictures.


  3. I used to sketch pictures of the space shuttle when I was a kid in elementary school (I was in 2nd grade when the Challenger exploded)…have always been fascinated with space. I need to go back and soak it all in.


  4. A busy eventful weekend! Wish I had those. Kind of been in the lull of Winter, but it's winding down now. I'd totally be geeking over a real space shuttle, too! I've always wanted to go to that place. It looks incredible!


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