Everything Is Awesome…

Hit up +LEGOLAND Florida yesterday…where everything is awesome

Wow, that was something.  It was actually pretty neat, but I sure am glad we went now, because in another two years Lilly would have grown out of at least 80% of it.

Lilly insisted that I post the video I took of her and I on some ride (who’s name I don’t recall) on Facebook.  In fact at the end of this video she says it twice…right after she tells me not to throw up.  Too funny…
Oh, and after seeing this…

…this had to be done…we’ll just disregard the 6-12 age suggestion, okay…?
Don’t judge.  You would have done it too.


  1. MichaelThese images brings back so many memories of fun trips my wife and I made with our son and daughter when they were little. How time flies, now I am doing it all over again as a granddad and it is even more fun the second time around—enjoy these time because she will be grown soon and married. Thanks for the memories


  2. That “tune” was stuck in my head for a week after seeing that movie. My girls keep singing everything is awesome or that Damn song from Frozen.


  3. Thanks Mark. I'll be honest, this trip freaked me out. She's 8 now…and we're in the land of “Spring Break”…ugh, I can't bring myself to imagine 10 or so years from now.


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