My Spool Is Bigger Than Your Spool

No really, it is…

Big spool left, standard spool right

Ordered up some tenkara lines a few weeks ago from the Moonlit Fly Fishing Company out of Idaho. Finally got around to really giving them a good look-see this weekend, although the cold weather and stupid wind kept me from actually fishing them and stuck inside the house.

Also included in the order was the pretty interesting line holder shown above.  Not only is it real wood (you can order on in bamboo, oak, or cedar), but it’s got a cork ring to hold your fly when not fishing.  Pretty slick.

As for the lines…


The line on the wooden spool is what they call their “Bushi” line.  The line is made with furled polyester thread with a core of monofilament.  The line on the blue plastic spool is the “Ronin” line, which is the same thing without the mono core.  There’s also a “Shogun” line with a fluorocarbon core, but I passed on that one this go around.

One of the cool things about these lines is that you can order them however you want them, much like the furled lines from another Troutrageous! favorite, Streamside Leaders.  I picked the thread colors, opted for the “ultralight/light” configuration, as well as tippet rings on both…so you could order the same lines, but they might be very different (if you so choose).

The one thing I immediately noticed was that both lines feel very fine and supple in hand with very little stiffness.  I would imagine should they contact the water on a cast, the touchdown would be light as a feather…but I really do not want to jump to conclusions just yet without fishing them.  I’ll try to put these through the paces when I get out next time and I’ll let you know the deal…


  1. Hi Michael,i didn't want to be disrespectful, i appreciate your work, just couldn't resist the joke!Gian Maria


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