Wednesday Nibbles – Selbbin is Nibbles Backwards

Just for kicks I Googled “Selbbin” and found a YouTube page by a user of the same name.  This also presented the following very disturbing bunny video…and is now this post’s newly adopted theme song.  I didn’t know Bigerrfish was sucking helium & singing songs…

Ugh…awful right?  Just when you didn’t think there was anything more awkward than Charlie Sheen on the Today Show…but more on that in a bit…

The Fly Fishing Show‘s in town this weekend…holla!…at the Valley Forge Convention Center like 15 minutes from my house.  Will I be there?  Probably not.  Lilly’s 5th birthday party is on Saturday, so I will be knee deep in pink & princesses.  Actually, that’s not a bad place to be.  I swing a mean Wiffle ball bat and we’ve got a piñata on tap.  Sunday?  Nope, have to hit the airport in the afternoon for a business trip.

Oh well, I don’t need to look at all that shiny new gear anyway (or at least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself)…but my lack of attendance shouldn’t dissuade you if you live in the Philadelphia metro area.  I know…it will be tough to go on without me.  But if you’re brave enough, check out the website HERE for more information.

The show must go on…

Have you seen that the new wave of camping upon us?  Bubble tents.  Yup.  I’m ditching that Wal-Mart special I bought last year and getting one of these bad boys for the summer.  I guess sleeping in the nude isn’t an option in these things…but then again, perhaps that’s the whole point.  Either way, kinda reminds me of an awful Travolta movie I saw once….or the equally awfully awesome Gyllenhaal remake.

This probably will get lost in all this randomness, but the 2011 Perkiomen Watershed Clean Up will be held on Saturday, April 16th from 9 AM to 12 PM.  This is a nice event for those that are local, and is also being supported by Perkiomen Valley Trout Unlimited (my chapter, that I’m also pretty much an absentee member of).

Registration is open now by following THIS LINK.  Or you can visit the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy’s website HERE for more information.

As I mentioned above, Charlie Sheen is everywhere these days.  I don’t get it.  Can’t a guy drink a bathtub full of Jack Daniels’ for breakfast, snort coke off multiple prostitutes’ body parts for lunch, and then show up on every “serious” TV news show rambling nonsense these days without losing his #1 sitcom?

I’m telling you, we live in a world information overload.  I’m sure Mr. Stratton of Silver Spoons fame had his demons…they just didn’t have the internet and shows like Access Hollywood back in the early ’80s to blow them up to extreme proportions.

Nice “Pennsylvania Tuxedo” Mr. Stratton

In any event, Charlie set up a Twitter account yesterday and started making indecipherable posts (with pictures) about “Winning!”  Going viral is not the word to describe how apesh*t this has become.  Go Charlie!  P.S., your porn star girlfriend(?) has a nice rack.

Winning!  is so awesome.

Finally, blog love this week will be short and sweet, especially since I gave out more than my share of hugs & kisses yesterday.  This week’s suggestion to go visit all that good stuff is Fontinalis Rising.  Good writing, great pictures, a solid all around fly fishing blog.  At the time of writing this FR had 25 Google Followers, I know we can do better than that for him.  Plus you can find Jason over on OBN & Facebook, so those are two more things in his favor.  We like those places here.


  1. @IvanNo doubt. Wasn't commenting FR's current base as much as stating he deserves many, many more. I'd rather have 25 involved followers any day than 150 who just click the button.#tigerblood. That's all that needs to be said.


  2. I'm there. How about all the rest of you. Let's give FR a good hello. As for Charlie Sheen, I've seen enough, that I'm happy I have a mute button and don't have to listen to him any longer. I think the guys Bi-Polar. Mark


  3. I am not sure if it is the tiger blood or the adonis DNA that makes Sheen a rockstar from mars? I guess it the killer combo of the two.What in the heck is that Nibbles video? I'm going to go check out Jason's blog; normally your recommendations are pretty spot on.Happy 5th birthday to Lilly!-stephanie


  4. @troutrageous1 I know Mike. No worries. I understood what you were saying the first time. Just a playful jab towards the blogging powerhouse that is troutrageous. I think we share the same sentiment with regards to FR's readership, it deserves many more.Now, excuse me as “I'm just going to sail across the winds of the universe with my goddesses.” (c. sheen 2011)


  5. Yes, I found FR yesterday and really enjoyed his latest posts…now following along! Regarding Sheen…no comment. Ok…His twins were taken into protective custody today…what's next?


  6. Ivan, I think that means “sex.” Just saying. T-man, I can see you on my site…clicking my buttons. 😉 And I agree that FR is a great, great place to spend an afternoon.


  7. It's people like Charlie Sheen who made me turn off the TV and start blogging. There had to be more to life. I just want to be Troutrageous! when I grow up- but thank you all, and thanks for the shout out, Mike.I have to get back to writing….


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