Do You Tenkara? I Want To Make You (Marginally) Famous

About a year ago to this date, I hatched an plan that I’d start a semi-regular segment on this blog called “Tenkara Talk.”  In preparation, I reached out to more than a handful of tenkara anglers I had met through forums, social networks, emails, etc…and asked them if they wanted to submit THEIR tenkara stories (kinda like a guest post) as a way to help highlight tenkara as a “new-to-us” fishing technique and begin to develop the identities of a newly minted generation of American tenkara anglers.

One of my tenkara outfits

This was the gist of my proposal:

I’ve been extending invitations to a few folks in the various tenkara communities that I participate in to see if they had any interest in writing a guest post on my blog.  

Not sure what your opinion on blogs are, but was wondering if you had any interest? As a fellow tenkarist(?) I’ve always admired your posts over on ________ and you clearly share a great enthusiasm for tenkara. 

It could be as long or short as you want; a fishing report, description of a tenkara technique, overview of your favorite stream, pond, or fly, or even just a collection of photos. You’d have total free reign and any writings or photos would be fully credited.  

My blog is not commercial in any way, so I couldn’t compensate you other than with gratitude and a reciprocal link if there’s a website you write for or are associated with.  

I find this style of fishing so fun & rewarding, I’m just trying to assemble a collection of stories that other anglers that are either not as familiar with, or just skeptical of tenkara might enjoy. 

It’s ok to say “no”, I won’t be offended if you do. However, if this is of any interest, just shoot me back an email me at your convenience. 

Thanks, Mike

I know…it was a really sucky proposal…but if I recall correctly it was also impulsively conceived well after midnight one evening under the influence of too much Sarsaparilla and Party Mix…orange stained fingers tend to lack focus…

Well, while I did receive a lot of positive responses, I also ended up getting absolutely no follow up material, so I pretty much ditched the idea.  Coincidentally, its failure actually led to the creation of the “Wednesday Nibbles” segment…so now you know who to blame for that train wreck.
To top it off, in a inevitable “you snooze/you lose” situation…a blog using the name Tenkara Talk was spun off the Backpack Fly Fishing site earlier this year…so that effectively killed that little idea for good.  At least under that name. (Note, this is not an accusation of any sort, just a coincidence).

OK…with a full year in the rear view, a whole lot more anglers now out there brandishing tenkara rods, and cool sites like THIS popping up each and every day, I figured I’d attempt to give this concept one more try, but this time make the offer very publicly…

Tenkara is one of the most popular subjects here on the blog, so if you’re out there reading this and want to submit your tenkara story with full accreditation…whatever it is, positive or negative…to be published in a series of similarly themed posts…just shoot me an email HERE.

Oh, and since I already slept on a good name once, I decided to grab the URL…well…you know…to protect myself in the odd circumstance that Troutrageous!-favorite Hacksaw Jim Duggan decides to tie a string on the end of his 2×4 and write his own blog about it.

Small stream trout…HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


  1. I was like ” I don't remember any such email about…” and then I was like…” ohhh….” I forget not everyone started blogging less than a year ago. because i'm a dork. (that's why.) I'll send you something. it'll be semi-positive. 🙂


  2. @owlOwl, it can be positive, or negative. I just want to keep the conversation going. You'll at least be commenting from first-hand experience, which is more than a lot of the pundits (pro & con) can say.


  3. I get what you're saying, but at the same time, I don't have to be an NFL player to know that the current helmets suck. ( Why, after all these years – what's it been 5 or 6 years now – hasn't the NFL looked into these “new, lighter” helmets? They can't keep them on their heads, and concussions are way up. It's obviously the helmets! …….how did I get on football? Pre-season needs to hurry up and be over. LOL


  4. @owl JonesDue to my current place of employment I decline comment on the helmets used in professional football. Using a different football reference, I will agree that I'm one that doesn't like when athletes say that their coaches or commentators “don't know” because they never played the game. Same comparison, different instance.That said I vaguely recall a favorite online pundit of mine (I won't mention names) so enamored with tenkara (before even picking up a rod) they started at least one blog, and a forum, focused on all of its merits. So I guess some hands on-context can be a good thing. 🙂


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