You're All Losers

Well, except one of you.  See, after 2ish weeks of extremely lackluster intense competition, the RNG has gotten off its butt and picked a winner of the highly anticipated MNRiverdageous Lunkerdooress Scavenger Hunt.

And without further ado…the winning entry is…#76!

Shawn Bradley!
skinny & smooth

Okay, not “White Manute,” I mean Will C.

Will C, please forward your mailing address to The River Damsel (not me) so she can send you your $50 Cabela’s gift card.  Hope you use it to buy something good, not a lifetime supply of THESE.

Same rules apply as with OBN’s giveaways. If we don’t hear from you in 7 days, a new winner will be chosen…the clock starts now & Clif is quick on the trigger finger.

Oh, and for those of you playing at home, the answers were…Tuesday, Red, Longear Sunfish, Sausage & Potatoes, and “Day of Firsts” trip to Boulder, CO…but not necessarily in that order.

Congrats again to Will C., and thanks to MNAngler, The River Damsel, The Outdooress, & Clif for co-hosting this little contest.

Troutrageous! returns to regularly scheduled quasi-fishing related programming tomorrow.


  1. Hey, don't hate on the butt out tool, lol. I use that for deer hunting, it actually works pretty good for field dressing. And it scares people when I actually tell them what it is,which is funny for me.


  2. My hat is tipped to the person who invented, tested and successfully marketed the first Butt Out. A true visionary in every sense of the word.


  3. WOW! Lots of love for the Butt Out. I'm not a hunter, so what do I know. The sodomy diagram on the Cabela's product page just made me giggle.


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